Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Blue Party Bus

On Saturday, we planned a big tailgate for Keeneland. 

And we rented this bad boy for the day... 

This little guy almost cost us a pretty penny when TEN people canceled last minute... Luckily Ben made some calls early Saturday morning and got lots of friends to join us!

We were SO happy to have this bus because it rained as soon as we got out there. And I was not about to stand out in the rain and tailgate for the races.... So we stayed and partied inside the bus. 

 Back of the bus...

Front of the bus... 

There was lots of dancing...
Carrie breaking it down!!!

Trying to pose for a group picture, but only Lauren was ready. So angelic!!

Attempted group shot... 

Girls on the ride home

Late in the day... Obviously on the drive home!

It was such a fun weekend, but it definitely took a toll on me. I was EXHAUSTED all day Sunday.

Loved seeing everyone that came in town for the weekend!! Hopefully, next time we have better weather. At least we didn't have to worry about Sun Burns while tailgating!!

Have you all ever rented a party bus for any occasion??


  1. yes! last year for keeneland... we rented the "bus shizzle" (a short bus that was made into a party bus). it was hilarious and oh so fun!

  2. I was wondering why all your twitter pics were taken on a bus!! Looks like a great time!