Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Today, I'm linking up with Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's OK Thursday!!

It's OK.....

That I went to bed at 8:30pm last night and I still couldn't get out of bed at 5:30 this morning....

That I currently have a load of laundry in the dryer AND another clean load in the hamper waiting to fold.....

That I have oodles of school work I should be at school working on.....

That state testing is next week and I'm starting to freak out for how my students will handle it!!!

That there are 16 days left of school and I still have 4 meetings to fit in.....

That I've only worked out once in the past three weeks. What is the matter with me?!!! Must get back into my running/pure barre routine ASAP!

That my sisters birthday was yesterday and I just put her card in the mail today.... Bad sister.

That I have nothing, besides babysitting, planned for this weekend. And I cannot wait!!!!

Link up for Its OK Thursday with Neely and Amber!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today, I'm linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesdays!

I'm loving the fact we only have 23 school days left this year!!! So close to summer break!

I'm loving that it's Keeneland season!! We went to Keeneland this weekend with about 30,000 other people. Crazy busy! We were out on the third corner in the Louisville lot before heading inside. Loved seeing the ponies fly by!

I'm loving that my older sister and niece are coming in town this weekend!!

I'm loving that my other sister sent me this pink 13.1 magnet for my car!!!!

I'm loving that I had a dinner date with Tracy at one of my favorite restaurants.

I'm loving that it's baseball season. Which means Lexington Legends games!!! We went last Thursday and ended up having to babysit and just brought little Liam to the game with us. He had a blast!

I'm loving the giveaway Jamie is having this week!!! I would love to win this monogrammed platter! And look around their website. They have super cute monogrammed cell phone cases and adorable monogrammed necklaces!!! I want it all! Go enter this amazing giveaway before tomorrow!!!
What are you loving this week?!
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Spring Recipes and Puppy Playdates

Have you all ever used Gina's Skinny Taste?! She has the best recipes! She has tons of categories and always includes nutrition information with her recipes! I love the low carb category for my low carb diet weeks (which I should probably do sometime soon!!!!!)

Tons of people have been pinning 'bruschetta chicken' recipes lately and I found one on Gina's website that looked amazing!!!

On Sunday, I also made shrimp salsa for a little appetizer, and bruschetta chicken or dinner. It was the perfect spring meal and pretty healthy too!!! We paired it with beans and goat cheese ravioli from Trader Joes!

After dinner, Perry had a playdate with Tracy's new puppy!!!

He's only 5 weeks old and an adorable weimaraner-lab mix!

His eyes are beautiful!

Can't wait for more puppy playdates in the future!!!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break Recap

Last week was our spring break. It really came at a perfect time! I was getting so stressed out with work, i needed the break!

We ended up staying in town on Monday for the big National Championship game Monday night. I'm so glad we decided to stay so we could be in Lexington for everything!


We watching the game at our favorite spot, Tin Roof!

With about 1,000 of our closest friends! Haha

It was fun to be down there. But I admit, once the beer was thrown in the air and the crowd was rushing the street... I was ready to leave!

Tuesday morning we woke up early to head to Charleston. Luckily, Ben drove 2/3 of the way. So lucky to have him :) 

We made it to Charleston by 4pm and got ready for dinner on the beach! It was a great night!

Wednesday, we went to the beach for a little bit and then the pool. I put sunscreen on, and I still got fried!!! Luckily, I had 50 spf on my face and it got the perfect little glow to it! Haha

Wednesday night we went to a local favorite, Reds Ice House. It's on Shem Creek, so you usually see lots of dolphins!!

 It was a great night of drinking local mixed drinks, and eating some southern fried seafood! I definitely did not eat healthy on this trip! 

Thursday we woke up early and drove about an hour to the Firefly distillery. We were hoping for a tour of the distillery, but apparently they don't do those. So we opted for the taste testing instead! 

We got to try 6 different Firefly flavors. Then of course, they tell you how you can only buy certain bottles at the distillery, so we were suckered in. 

It was beautiful out there!

After we went to King Street for lunch and a little shopping.

We went to Poogan's Porch for lunch. It was so good! I ordered the Shrimp n Grits and they were amazing!

After some shopping, we came home and took a nap before heading out to the Riverdogs Baseball game for opening night. 

The game ended up getting rained out after one inning, but that didn't stop us from eating their famous hot dogs! 

Ben ordered the Homewrecker, which was on Man vs. Food a few seasons ago. It was ridiculous!

Friday was another shopping day. We went out to the outlets for some spring essentials. I would die if the outlets were 20 minutes from my house! Ben and I went to a little Japenese restaurant that's tucked away. They have the best lunch specials! I got hibachi chicken and Ben got 3 rolls of sushi. 

Which were all amazing by the way! 

We did a little more shopping at Towne Center near my mom's house and then just relaxed until our next meal. We went to another local favorite, Crave, for dinner. It's by far, Ben and I's favorite restaurant in Charleston!! 

Then, it was Saturday, our last full day in Charleston. And we were complete vacation bums and hung by the pool ALL DAY! It was great!

And a beautiful day! We grilled out by the pool for dinner. Another amazing meal and Ben and my mom made it all! 

You really can't go wrong with eating in Charleston!!! Whether you're going out to eat, or picking something up at the Piggly Wiggly to cook. They have amazing choices!

These two boys were wiped out by Sunday!!

Loving on his hippo. So so sweet!

Now that we're back home, I have to get myself back on track with healthy eating! I made fresh salads for my lunches this week. 

Thanks to my sister's inspiration. (Check out her new blog here!)

It's nice getting back to routines and schedules. But it's really nice knowing I only have 29 more school days left until summer ;) 

Oh, and this little cutie showed up in the fridge. Thanks, Ben for the delicious surprise! Just what I needed after all these healthy lunches, haha!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Half Marathon Recap

Yesterday was Run the Bluegrass!!!

I was excited, nervous, scared, intimidated, anything you could think, before Saturday's race. But I was so ready for it!!! 

I have been training for 17 weeks for this race!!! Now, I didn't always make all 3 runs each week, but I did most of my weekend runs - long and short! There were a few weekends I miss the short weekend runs due to March Madness games, or feeling the aftermath from watching the game the night before :) 

Ben and I are the start line

Ben and I ran the first 8 miles together! We averaged a 10-10:30/pace for the first 6 miles until the BIG hills started. I was so proud of this pace considering the hills we had. Once we hit mile 6, the big hills on Old Frankfort Pike started. We walked the ups and ran the downs, for those hills. They were hard. But I think the fact that we were ok walking them helped us conquer them! 

I felt great until about mile 11.... Then my knee started to tighten up. I took the rest of my Sport Beans to try and give me some endurance for the rest of the race. But, it was still hard for me to keep running. 

I ran the whole race with my friend's husband, who is like a 4-time marathoner, and was just using this run as a "training" run. Yeah... he signed up the night before. Crazy. He helped me SO much!!!!! He was so encouraging and helped remind me that my mini 1 minute walk breaks would help me in the end! 

 My trainer, John and I!!!

I finished the race strong, happy and excited! My overall time was 2:40:17, which I was completely fine with! My goal was just to finish! I really didn't care about my time. Especially after all of the reviews on the Run the Bluegrass website said not to expect a PR on this hilly course! And, I figure it's a great time to have so I can shoot for a PR next time around :)

That's right... I want to do another half marathon. It's official. I'm addicted to it. I NEVER thought I would love running this much. Or even, love running 13 point 1 freaking miles. I didn't think I would be able to ever run that far. But the truth is.... If you have a training plan, and you can stick to it, you will be able to run a half marathon! 

Does my body feel like complete crap today? Yes.... In fact, I'm walking like an old 90-year old lady. My legs are so tight. But, I'm still on my runner's high from the race yesterday! I can't wait to start training again. 

And hopefully, next time I run a half, I can recruit some friends!!! Like my sissy, or Jill :) My sister, Karie and her boyfriend drove 3 hours to come see us run!!! I was so happy to see her at mile 12 something. And she had my precious little Perry with her too :) 

Karie (And Andrew)-- Thank you so much for coming all the way down to Lexington to cheer us on!!! It meant so much to have you there! And I loved your sign you made! And the Cheryl's cookies and 13.1 tervis. You're the bestest!!!! LOVE YOU!

Also, two of my co-workers came to cheer me on too!!! So, so sweet! Amy's husband is the one who ran with me! They are trying to talk me into doing a full marathon in October. HA..... Maybe in a few years ;)

 Amy, me and Mindy

Oh, and the best part... After the race, Ben and I had to come home, stretch, shower, and get in the car for 4 hours to drive to Paducah for a friends wedding. Our bodies were hating us! I tried to wear heels, and it just wasn't going to happen. I switched to flats within 30 minutes, haha! 

And of course, we were sporting our Kentucky Blue last night. SO SO PROUD of those boys in blue! Cannot wait for the game tomorrow!!!!!

Oh....... C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS!!!  I hope you all will help cheer on the Cats tomorrow!