Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall!

Today is the first day of fall!

Although it has felt like fall the past 2 weeks with the cooler weather, it's now officially the end of summer. 

We started the morning by visiting the farmers market downtown. 

I love supporting local farmers, so we always stock up on veggies (and sometimes fruit!) on Saturday mornings. 

We bought all of this (minus the 2 bananas) for under $20!! Supports local farmers AND it's usually cheaper than going to the grocery. Win-win for everyone :) 

Ben made Habanero Squash soup today. It was delic! And very spicy, ha!

I'm breaking out my favorite fall candle 


baking some delicious gluten free pumpkin muffins tomorrow. 

We're off to Oktoberfest at church tonight. It's perfect weather to put jeans and a sweater on for the night. 

How are you bringing in Fall?

Have a great weekend! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekends are too short

Why do the weekends always fly by?!

We had a nice relaxing night on Friday. Ben and I went to Harry's for lunch and I had my fav....chicken mini's!! Mmmm. 

After dinner, we went to get some staples for tailgating on Saturday! 

Which reminds me... I haven't shown you the most recent purchase!

Meet the creepy white UK van!!!

Yes, this is serious. 

Ben and his buddies bought this van a few weeks ago. 

It. Is. AWESOME!! And it even came with everything you need-two grills, tables, flags, CATS megaphone and this awesome Wildcat!!!

It is perfect for what we are going to use it for--tailgating! UK games and Keeneland of course. 

It has been so much fun (and work!) getting ready for tailgates, but I love having everything we need in the van! 

Perry even made an appearance at the tailgate for a few hours :) 

I made Gina's Skinny Spinach dip. It was delic. I'm hoping for some cooler weather next home game so I can another hot dip. 

Tailgating Saturday was fun. The game.... not so much. We need a new coach ASAP!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Right around the corner...

How is it already September 5th?!
Where did summer go?????!
I love summer - spending weekends at the lake, being out of school, lazy pool days.
But I'm ready for some cooler weather!
So what am I loving on this lovely Wednesday???
All things FALL!!!!!!!
 College football games on Saturday. Even though UK's team is a joke, we can still tailgate, right?! 

Keeneland in October.
Having a WEEK LONG fall break this year!!
Cooler weather meaning more sweaters, sweatshirts, leggings, boots, scarves. My favorites.
When I saw this pin on Pinterest....
and this email from Living Social this morning...
I realized Fall is RIGHT around the corner.
So why not enjoy a free PSL from Starbucks?!?!  Pretty sure I bought this deal as soon as I got the email. And another reminder from my sister to buy it as well!
I had a PSL Monday before running errands with Ben. My signature Fall drink yesterday morning - Grande Soy Misto with Pumpkin Spice. And convinced myself to stop for one again this morning before a meeting.
I'm hooked.
Oh, and don't bother buying the Pumpkin Spice Latte K-Cups... you'll just be disappointed like I was when I popped one in. It's good.... but not Sbux good!
Here's the link if you want to treat yourself :)
Happy Wednesday!!
Two more work days.....