Monday, January 31, 2011

Is It Spring Yet??

I love snow and I love snow days, BUT there comes a time when there has been TOO much snow and way too many snow days. If I could have it my way I would want one BIG snow storm that shuts down the city for several days. And then no more snow the rest of winter! Wouldn't that be nice. 

Reality is, that's most definitely not the case! In fact, I feel like the snow started earlier this year! We had 5 snow days before the holiday break. We now have 12 total snow days, which puts the last day of school to June 9th... And we still have the month of February. Not to mention the storm that's supposed to hit this week.

Enough with all the winter and snow talk. I was LOVING the warm(er) weather this weekend! 

It was almost 50 degrees this weekend! I had to take a picture of the temperature because I knew it would be too good to last. Oh well, at least it was nice for the 2 days that I didn't have work or anything to do but enjoy the weather and run errands with Ben! 
Oh what I would do to be in Charleston right now. I sometimes consider removing it from my weather locations, but I like the know what kind of weather my mom is getting compared to ours and vice versa. 

I can't wait until I can go somewhere warm for Spring Break. Defintely one of the perks of being a teacher... still getting a SB! Now I just have to figure out where Ben and I are going. Charleston, Florida or cruise.... Hmm. 

No matter where we go, it is going to be warm, which means I can start looking at spring clothes! Some current spring loves I have:
Some Lilly favorites.... Thinking this dress would be perfect for Keeneland!

and of course a little pink nail polish!

In the new OPI Axxium/Gelish nail polish of course! I LOVE these new gel nails. I was so hesitant to first get the gel nails but after my boyfriends mom insisted I get them when we got our nails done on Christmas Eve, i couldn't say no, and I haven't been able to get a regular nail polish manicure since! They really do last for at least 2 weeks with no chips. However, I wish there were more color choices available. My favorite salon in Lexington is doing them now and have more color selections! Free glass of wine + a 2 week no-chip manicure is worth it!!! 

Here's looking forward to spring. And hoping that Old Man Winter is on his way out of town soon!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snowed In

Lexington has been getting hit with snow storms every single week! First, we had snow days in December before winter break, which was crazy enough. Then snow that ALMOST canceled my trip to Charleston. Then more snow in January.... Which has resulted in 10 snow days for my school so far. I have to admit, I LOVE waking up to the text at 5:30 am saying school has been canceled and I can go back to sleep. BUT I get sooo bored during the day. There's only so much you can do at home before you just have to leave and get out of the house. And the problem is, we will have multiple snow days at a time, it's never just ONE snow day.

One day I babysit for this little cutie and his brother and sister :)
We played lots of games, including the new xbox 360 Kinect. LOVE! Need this game asap 

And then we had another snow day.... So I did loads and loads of laundry.
(image via google images)

And cleaned... 
(image via google images)

And spent the morning watching my favorite morning show...
 (image via google images)

(image via google images)

And even hit the gym TWICE IN A ROW before noon. That's an accomplishment in itself! 

(image via google images)

And then decided it was time to get out of the house. I went to Target and let me just say how much I LOVE the new Super Save section in the back. 
(image via google images)

So many great deals! Found lots of workout clothes for less than $10!!

And then it was off to dinner at my favorite restaurant which my boyfriend, Ben and I frequent at least 3x a month!
(image via google images)

LEX 18 is saying there's another storm heading for the bluegrass this week... I'm wondering how many days we will go to school this week. MAYBE we will make it all 5!!!

Have a good week!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home for the Weekend

So i finally made it home to my dad's house for Christmas and my birthday celebration.... Only 3 weeks late, ha! It's so hard finding time to go back to Columbus during the Holidays, and my work schedule and Ben's traveling schedule. But I'm so thankful we were able to make it there safely with all of the snow everywhere!

I had to take the last part of my Praxis test Saturday morning at 7:30am. Not how I was wanting to spend my Saturday morning writing 5 essays in only an hour! Ugh. Luckily I stopped by Starbucks for a latte before :)
(via google images)

And I had my favorite pens to use!
(via google images)
Then we headed to Columbus. And had a quick stop at the outlets for some good deals at Brooks Brothers and J. Crew. I love outlets because they always have an extra % off sale items. And J. Crew lets you use your college id for 15% off as well! I loaded up on some cardigans and tees, my favorite everyday items!

Finally made it to my sister's house to get ready for dinner. We went here for dinner: 
(via google images)

dinner: We had a longgggg wait for a table of 10 so I let my cute little niece play with my phone and make me pictures.
I think she's in love with iPhones now!!
At dinner: 

And after dinner, we went to Columbus's best ice cream shoppe... JENI's!
(via google images)
And i ordered my favorite, SALT CARAMEL! Mmmmm
(via google images)

On Sunday we went to my dad's to open gifts and have birthday cake. It was quite the celebration weekend!
  I have had a Graeter's ice cream cake for every birthday I can remember!!! Soo good, and I ALWAYS have Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cake :)

Favorite gift from my sister: 
(via google images)

And after spending so much time with my sister's Golden Doodle, Karma
 I WANT MY OWN!!!! So I have been researching, and fell in love with this cute little guy. 
 And this chocolate labradoodle Ahhhh look at that face.
I NEED ONE NOW!! I just need to convince Ben so that the little pup can stay at his apartment since I can't have dogs in my apt building :(

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sad UK Sports Weekend

This Saturday was a jammed packed schedule for the Big Blue Nation. Unfortunately it wasn't the outcome we were hoping for from either sport.... 

Saturday afternoon the UK football team traveled down to Birmingham, Alabama for the BBVA Compass bowl game.
I considered going down to this game because I've always wanted to go to Alabama, but it would have been too hard to travel Friday after my first week of teaching. And the boyfriend had to travel to Canada for business on Sunday. So that was a no-go on the bowl game trip. Sad :(

I'm thankful that we didn't end up going to the game after the final outcome. We did not play well, and I hate admitting it, but I think we needed Mr. Mike Hartline on the field for one last game. Hopefully Joker had a good 1st year learning experience, and UK football will be even better next fall!!

After the football loss, we changed the channel to watch the basketball game against Georgia. The first half wasn't bad and I thought we would be able to pull out a win. But once again, no such luck. Josh Harrellson, "Jorts," is still my favorite bball player this year, ha! (I think it's mostly bc of his ridiculous nickname!)


It was not a good weekend for UK sports fans!! Oh well, moving on to the big game this week, the National Championship! Of course, I will be cheering for the SEC team!


Tomorrow night, my friend is having some people over to watch the game. Hate that it's a late game, BUT we have a snow storm coming tomorrow, so I'm thinking (and hoping) we will have a snow day on Tuesday!! For now, I will be following KY Weather Center  and my favorite, Bill Meck at LEX 18 hourly to track the upcoming storm! 

Hope everyone as a good workweek!!

(all images via google unless otherwise cited)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Job

Happy, Happy New Year!!! 

So with the new year came a new job for me. I finally have a BIG GIRL job!! I was so excited to start working on Monday, I couldn't even sleep Sunday night! 6 am came VERY early Monday morning, but it wasn't as hard to wake up as I thought... I hadn't woken up to an alarm clock in 3 weeks because of my extended winter break! I must admit, it's nice to be back on a routine though. 

I am so happy with my school and class. It's one of the newer schools in the district and all the teachers and staff are very nice and great to work with. I think I am going to be happy here. The only question is how the numbers work out for the 2011-2012 school year, which could move me or other special ed teachers to different schools.

So as a part of my New Years Resolution, I have decided to stay organized throughout the ENTIRE year. I am always really good about staying organized with my planner and to-do lists during school, but when it comes to the weekend and summer, I am so bad about remembering to look at my planner or make To Do lists. One little present that will help me stay on track is my myagenda planner! I LOVE it!!! I was scared it wouldn't have enough room to write in each day, but it is perfect!!!
 Love, love my initials in the corner!!

I love color coordinating my appointments! blue was school, yellow peronsal appts and purple for babysitting.

Also with this resolution comes exercising, or as I'm trying to call it, maintaining a "healthy lifestyle" by eating healthy, working out, doing my physical therapy exercises for my back, drinking water throughout the day and getting enough sleep. I think this will be a good resolution because it's something I can work on everyday! 
(via google images)

Also, I am hoping to do either a hot yoga class or pure barre class once a week. I LOVE pure barre! I did my first class in late November and have only had a chance to go back twice since then. So I'm hoping I can make it more now that I have a set schedule and can reserve my spot ahead of time. Pure barre is a GREAT new workout that is popping up everywher. My hometown, Columbus, Ohio just opened one! Go to Pure Barre to learn more about this new workout class, it's amazing and you will definitely feel the burn each class!


Here's to 2011 and living a healthy lifestyle for the entire year!!!

AND surviving my first year as a college grad with my first full time job! I'm already anticipating my first snow day :)