I am a recent grad from the University of Kentucky majoring in Special Education for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities. I was blessed with being one of few who was able to find a job in January! I am working at an elementary school right now until we find out numbers for the 2011-12 school year! I grew up in Upper Arlington, Ohio (suburb in Columbus) and moved to Lexington in August 2006. I LOVE everything about Lexington and the state of Kentucky. I am so happy I came to school here and have chosen to make this my home after college. It is such a pretty state with so much to offer.

I have been reading blogs since 2009 and always told myself I would start one after college when I had more "time" ha. I LOVE reading everyone's blog and I figured I might as well start one now, even if the only followers I have are my family members. They are the most important audience anyways :)

I have two wonderful older sisters, whom I have grown closer to as we all grow up. I love going home and spending time with them, even if I don't make home more than half a dozen times per year. I have a niece who I ADORE and she always brings a smile to my face whenever I see her or talk to her on the phone. Most of my family still live in Columbus, Ohio. However, my mom moved to Charleston, SC in the spring of my freshman year at UK. I love going to Charleston to see her and my grandparents who recently moved there as well. It's hard to have family in 2 different states, but I have learned to make it work! 

I hope to use this blog as a place where I can share what's going on in my life and a journal for me to look back on. I would LOVE to be able to post something everyday, so that's a goal I am working on.