Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to the Barre

It's time to head back to the barre for some Burnin', Tonin' and Liftin'!!!

I have been SO busy the past few months, and have not had time to schedule a PB sesh. I set all plans aside, and even said no to babysitting (extra cash $!!) so that I could make my date at the barre tonight!

I purchased an exercise similar to Pure Barre to use at home. It's set up very differently, but some of the moves are the same that we use in PB. I liked it.... BUT I still love PB more. 

So I purchased the new PB Flatirons 2 dvd! It mailed out right away and I got to Lift, Tone and Burn with Carrie herself right in my living room!! I was even a little sore the next day! This dvd is a great fill-in when you can't make it to a Pure Barre class, or you need a quick workout in the morning. 


I LOVE pure barre, I rave about it (whenever I am actively going, that is...). While the dvds are great, I really don't think anything compares to attending an actual class. The music is great, the burn is intense, my thighs are usually shaking uncontrollably, and I LOVE every minute of it! I really think having the right instructor makes all the difference! Luckily, PB Lex has GREAT instructors. I have only had a handful of different instructors, because I'm pretty loyal to one in particular, Catherine. She was my first instructor when I took PB last fall, and was so sweet. She has a GREAT class and is so helpful throughout. Lex girls, if you've been debating taking a class or not, TAKE ONE! Catherine does classes on Tues and Weds nights AND Mon and Wed in the earllllly morning (5:30 am WAY to early for me to work out, but, hey it may work for you!). I promise, take one class and you won't regret it!.

I'm thinking I'm going to reward myself with a new Lululemon purchase tonight :) I deserve it, right?!

Monday, July 25, 2011

New Obsession

I finally caved and bought a Silhouette SD.

I did my research at the beginning of summer on the Silhouette vs Cricut. I love that I can use all the fonts I have on my computer with the Silhouette. That pretty much sold me. 

I saw a pantry makeover on Pinterest with vinyl decals on jars. I LOVED the look of this! So I found the blog they came from, and stalked all the other Silhouette projects she has done! I bookmarked all of them so that once I got my Silhouette machine in, I could get to work on all these projects. 

First day out of the box, I created some vinyl decals for the Kitchen. I LOVE it! This machine is SO user-friendly! After watching some tutorials on youtube, I figured how to to create anything. 

This week, I have used it to make some things for school. I needed smaller numbers to put together a counting caterpillar for my room. All I needed was some cardstock paper, and I made all the numbers in the correct size. 

I'm obsessed. 

Next project I'm working on... Monogram decals! 

I already created these address labels, and just need to buy some paper to print them on! 

Seriously, if you are debated on purchasing one of these machines, I say GO FOR IT! I found mine on Overstock.com for almost half what it sells for on the website. It really can do anything!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Ben!

Today is Ben's 25th birthday!

 (I wish I could have had this cake for Ben's 25th bday! In blue, orange and greens of course...)

 I met him at a yummmy Mexican place in Georgetown for lunch,  it was so good!

Then ran some errands and came home and wrapped Ben's birthday gift. 

The balloon had to stay in the closet until Ben got home, Perry was NOT a fan of the balloon. He kept starring at it and barking under his breath, haha. 

We went to Melting Pot for dinner. 
Cheese Fondue with bread, veggies and apples

Chocolate Fondue with Cheesecake, brownies, rice krispies, marshmallows, strawberries and bananas! 
While our service wasn't great, they were really sweet about celebrating Ben's birthday. They gave him a card and then brought out a plate with Happy B-day on it!

But the food was pretty delicious, as always! I literally had to roll out of there I was so stuffed!!

Of course, he didn't want me taking any more pictures, haha!

More celebrations tomorrow! We are having some friends over for BBQ dinner for the second part of Ben's birthday. Hopefully Perry will be on his best behavior with lots of friends here :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

July So Far, Picture Overload!

I was going to do separate posts for each weekend/trip, but I just feel silly posting about July 4th when it was two weeks ago. So I'm going to do a 'July So Far' post! Ha!

July 4th weekend, we headed down to the lake in my boyfriends hometown! It was so much fun!!!

 Lauren and I on the boat!

 Oh so angelic, Lauren!


My little baby is getting so big :(

 He LOVES going to Ben's parents house because he run all over! I love this picture of him!

Made a little 4th of July fruit pizza!

Driving back to Lexington after a long weekend!

We came back in time for the fireworks in downtown Lexington. Not the best show, but still fun to go down there!

Then it was back to a routine... I had 3 more days left of camp, and it as SO HARD waking up Tuesday morning. I came home and took a nap after camp, ha!

Bought some new running shoes for the upcoming weekend in Columbus!

We ran a 5K for the Lifeline of Ohio in memory of my 'Gammy' 
 Team 'Rosemarys Road Runners'
Ben and I post race

 Dad with his girls - Wendy, me, Dad, Zoe and Karie

 Sister and I - wearing our 'In Memory of Gammy' bibs

KK and I post race!

After all of the race festivities, we went back to my sisters and took a longgg nap. It was great! Then headed out to Easton, my favorite place to shop! 

We went over to my aunt and uncles for a few drinks. Ben and my Uncle had hundred year old Bourbon!
Zoe and I played on the iPad :)

Then it was off to Figlio, for my favorite restaurant at home!

Finally, Sunday morning, we went to my dads for Brunch. I played with Zoe, my niece, in the backyard. She was wearing my old cheerleading outfit and showed me some cheers she learned at OSU cheer camp!! Love her!

There are not enough hours in my trips home to do everything I want to do. But I think we got a lot covered in our short 2 day visit!

Whew, what a post! This week I have been trying to get some errands done and hit up the pool.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sweet Summertime

Currently enjoying my summer break and enjoying a little glass of this...

And Mr. Perry is loving his new home...

While it currently feels like 105 degrees outside at 9 pm...

And I'm enjoying some drinks with a friend on the patio!! 

I tried to go to the pool earlier today, and lasted a whole one hour out there! Hopefully, I can enjoy some AC tomorrow, catch up on blogs, and post some recaps tomorrow!!

Hope everyone is enjoying this hot weather. Or at least, trying to survive it! I am currently glistening from this heat, ugh!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I realized I haven't blogged in 3 weeks (well almost 4 weeks now!!!)

I never thought my summer would be crazy busy like this!! I envisioned lots of days at the pool, getting up early and working out, going to the mall, watching the Today show all morning. Well, I can assure all of you my summer has been nothing like that!! And it makes me a tad bit depressed knowing I only have 3 FULL WEEKS left of summer. AHHH!!! Where has summer gone?!

I even created a list of things to do for the summer because I thought I was going to be bored just staying at home watching tv all day... Clearly, I was wrong. Must focus on completing more things this week!!

I have been busy busy busy with meetings and trainings (getting my PD completed this summer so I won't have to worry about it during the year!!!), working a camp for students with Autism (Tues, Weds and Thurs), babysitting lots, and moving!!! Not mention, weekend trips for weddings, to the lake, going home to visit the family. It has been a JAM PACKED summer so far!!!!

Tonight, I finally have had some time to relax, lay on the couch, watch some reality TV and catch up on blogs! I just got back from Columbus, where we spent the weekend with my family and ran a 5K in memory of my Grandma. More on my Columbus trip, July 4th weekend and moving recap tomorrow (hopefully...)!

And because I don't like to post without any pictures... Here is a picture of my niece in my old cheerleading uniform from middle school! 

Have a great week! Hopefully, I will be back tomorrow with some recaps :)