Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to the Barre

It's time to head back to the barre for some Burnin', Tonin' and Liftin'!!!

I have been SO busy the past few months, and have not had time to schedule a PB sesh. I set all plans aside, and even said no to babysitting (extra cash $!!) so that I could make my date at the barre tonight!

I purchased an exercise similar to Pure Barre to use at home. It's set up very differently, but some of the moves are the same that we use in PB. I liked it.... BUT I still love PB more. 

So I purchased the new PB Flatirons 2 dvd! It mailed out right away and I got to Lift, Tone and Burn with Carrie herself right in my living room!! I was even a little sore the next day! This dvd is a great fill-in when you can't make it to a Pure Barre class, or you need a quick workout in the morning. 


I LOVE pure barre, I rave about it (whenever I am actively going, that is...). While the dvds are great, I really don't think anything compares to attending an actual class. The music is great, the burn is intense, my thighs are usually shaking uncontrollably, and I LOVE every minute of it! I really think having the right instructor makes all the difference! Luckily, PB Lex has GREAT instructors. I have only had a handful of different instructors, because I'm pretty loyal to one in particular, Catherine. She was my first instructor when I took PB last fall, and was so sweet. She has a GREAT class and is so helpful throughout. Lex girls, if you've been debating taking a class or not, TAKE ONE! Catherine does classes on Tues and Weds nights AND Mon and Wed in the earllllly morning (5:30 am WAY to early for me to work out, but, hey it may work for you!). I promise, take one class and you won't regret it!.

I'm thinking I'm going to reward myself with a new Lululemon purchase tonight :) I deserve it, right?!


  1. Soooo obviously I didn't see this prior to tweeting at you, "blog about PB!" I have wanted to go forever but I always talk myself out of it. I shouldn't be, but I'm self-conscious about it because I'm sure everyone there is thin, fit, and cute PB addicts! haha. I might have to go with you sometime!

  2. Awww, you are way to sweet miss Emily! So glad to have you back at PB! You did fabulous so you deserved the Lululemon purchase :) See you again soon! And, Jill, please come! Do not be worried at all - everyone there is so friendly. We want you to have a great, welcoming first experience on top of a killer workout that keeps you coming back for more. It's the best addiction :)

  3. LOVE PB!! and i love that 1st pic, b/c the 2 girls in the front are 2 of my good friends from college!! :) so fun!! happy weekend xoxo