Friday, July 15, 2011

July So Far, Picture Overload!

I was going to do separate posts for each weekend/trip, but I just feel silly posting about July 4th when it was two weeks ago. So I'm going to do a 'July So Far' post! Ha!

July 4th weekend, we headed down to the lake in my boyfriends hometown! It was so much fun!!!

 Lauren and I on the boat!

 Oh so angelic, Lauren!


My little baby is getting so big :(

 He LOVES going to Ben's parents house because he run all over! I love this picture of him!

Made a little 4th of July fruit pizza!

Driving back to Lexington after a long weekend!

We came back in time for the fireworks in downtown Lexington. Not the best show, but still fun to go down there!

Then it was back to a routine... I had 3 more days left of camp, and it as SO HARD waking up Tuesday morning. I came home and took a nap after camp, ha!

Bought some new running shoes for the upcoming weekend in Columbus!

We ran a 5K for the Lifeline of Ohio in memory of my 'Gammy' 
 Team 'Rosemarys Road Runners'
Ben and I post race

 Dad with his girls - Wendy, me, Dad, Zoe and Karie

 Sister and I - wearing our 'In Memory of Gammy' bibs

KK and I post race!

After all of the race festivities, we went back to my sisters and took a longgg nap. It was great! Then headed out to Easton, my favorite place to shop! 

We went over to my aunt and uncles for a few drinks. Ben and my Uncle had hundred year old Bourbon!
Zoe and I played on the iPad :)

Then it was off to Figlio, for my favorite restaurant at home!

Finally, Sunday morning, we went to my dads for Brunch. I played with Zoe, my niece, in the backyard. She was wearing my old cheerleading outfit and showed me some cheers she learned at OSU cheer camp!! Love her!

There are not enough hours in my trips home to do everything I want to do. But I think we got a lot covered in our short 2 day visit!

Whew, what a post! This week I have been trying to get some errands done and hit up the pool.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!


  1. Wow, my face is RED! It was pretty hot though, for running a race at 8am! The lake house looks like a blast, and Perry seemed to have a great time!

  2. Yay, I'm so glad you blogged! I've been wondering about you girlie! Looks like you've had a fun month so far. You make me want to buy some new running shoes too :) That pool....looks to die for! ahhh

  3. Thank you so much for being a part of the Dash for Donation to honor Gammy and for sharing your experience with your readers!

    - Rachel Lewis, Lifeline of Ohio