Monday, July 25, 2011

New Obsession

I finally caved and bought a Silhouette SD.

I did my research at the beginning of summer on the Silhouette vs Cricut. I love that I can use all the fonts I have on my computer with the Silhouette. That pretty much sold me. 

I saw a pantry makeover on Pinterest with vinyl decals on jars. I LOVED the look of this! So I found the blog they came from, and stalked all the other Silhouette projects she has done! I bookmarked all of them so that once I got my Silhouette machine in, I could get to work on all these projects. 

First day out of the box, I created some vinyl decals for the Kitchen. I LOVE it! This machine is SO user-friendly! After watching some tutorials on youtube, I figured how to to create anything. 

This week, I have used it to make some things for school. I needed smaller numbers to put together a counting caterpillar for my room. All I needed was some cardstock paper, and I made all the numbers in the correct size. 

I'm obsessed. 

Next project I'm working on... Monogram decals! 

I already created these address labels, and just need to buy some paper to print them on! 

Seriously, if you are debated on purchasing one of these machines, I say GO FOR IT! I found mine on for almost half what it sells for on the website. It really can do anything!!


  1. Did you buy it mostly for school projects and such, or are you into scrapbooking too? Just wondering, since I think it's marketed heavily to scrapbookers :) Love that monogram!!!!

  2. Oh my.. I may need one of these beauties. Could you email me? I have some questions!