Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Once again, I am linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Here's what I'm loving this week!

1- It's Wednesday, that means 2 more days left of school. But more importantly, 2 more days until SPRING BREAK!!! I cannot wait to have a week off AND be paid for it! 

2-In a week from today, I will be here: 

with this little pup:

and Ben is taking a few days off work so he can go too! Lucky duck gets to go to Florida for work the following week, so jealous.

3-I'm loving that I finished this book

I'm going to try and buy Something Blue to read at the beach!! But, if you all have any recommendations for books to read while at the beach, please let me know!!
4-I am giving my nails a break from the gelish manicures. I was polish free for 1.5 weeks, and finally painted them yesterday. I'm loving this Essie color I got from Ulta! 

5- I'm loving that my new Revas are finally broken-in and they are actually comfortable to wear on a daily basis! Love them!!

6-Finally, I'm loving that my sister and her boyfriend will be in town this weekend! And they can watch Kentucky play in the FINAL FOUR on Saturday!! (They work for Ohio State and are both big OSU fans! I may make them wear blue Saturday night!!)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


First, we had a huge win over OHIO STATE on Friday night.... 

THEN, we beat UNC today. 

NOW, we're going to the FINAL FOUR baby!!!!

I am sooooo so happy for my Wildcats, and so proud to be an Alumni. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know all UK fans sure did :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Go Big Blue!!!!

C-A-T-S Cats Cats Cats!!!!

It's Friday and time for the big KENTUCKY-Ohio state game!!! It's a late game so I'm trying to rest up before heading out to dinner and then somewhere to watch the game.

Perry has been sporting his Kentucky collar this week!! I tried to take a picture but let me tell you, it is NOT easy trying to take a picture of a 4 month old puppy with lots of fur covering his pretty little collar!!!

I snagged one of him while he was eating :)

Let's go Big Blue!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up with Jamie for  
What I’m Loving Wednesday

1-I'm LOVING this weather. It has been so nice out, which means we can go outside for recess at school, Perry can go play at the puppy park, and I can run outside! I even enjoyed the little storm we had this afternoon. Perfect napping weather, which is exactly what I did. No the back door is open and Perry is loving laying outside!

2- I'm loving that this SPRING BREAK is less than 2 weeks away and I will be heading here....

I can't wait to see my mom, shop, lay by the pool and head to beach!!! 

3-After Spring Break, it will be KEENELAND time in the bluegrass!!!

4- KENTUCKY is in the sweet sixteen and play OHIO STATE on Friday. I have waited for the day that UK plays OSU since I came to school almost 5 years ago. People keep asking who I'm going to cheer for.... and you better believe I'll be wearing this on Friday!

5-I'm loving Apple. I took my iPhone 4 in to the genius bar last night and they replaced it. It kept randomly turning off when I would be using an APP and it would be like 10 minutes before I could get it to come back on.... Thank you Apple for having great customer service! 

While in the Apple store, I'm convinced that I want need the iPad 2!! 

6- And finally, I'm loving that there are only TWO MORE DAYS until the weekend :)

What are you loving this Wednesday?!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally Spring!!!

I am so happy it is finally SPRING!

I was ready to say goodbye to old man winter. I love the snow, and I especially love snowdays, but I was ready for it to leave and bring on the warm, spring weather!

This weekend I spent as much time outside as possible. Perry and I went to the puppy park 3 times between Thursday to Sunday! He was loving it, and I was loving how much it wore him out once we got home, haha!

I'm also loving that I could run outside Friday, Saturday and tonight. I really don't mind running on the treadmill, but it has been SO NICE to be able to run outside after a long winter. I'm ready to Run the Bluegrass (just the 5K, NOT the half marathon, ha!) with my sister and our boyfriends in 2 weeks. 

I have been welcoming in spring with these little pretties.... 

And a glass of this tonight...

And watching the little pup pup enjoy laying outside on the balcony. 

How are you enjoying spring and the warmer weather?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shopping for a Cause

While looking for spring clothes yesterday, I saw that Forever 21 was running a special. 

They were offering an online only special where ALL proceeds were going to Japan. How cool s that?! I haven't shopped at F21 in a while, but I figure I might as well buy a few things since it's for a good cause, right?!

I picked up a cardigan and a dress AND got free shipping for spending over $50. Definitely worth it! I had to do all the shopping from my iPhone using the F21 app, so that I could place my order by midnight.... Hopefully I picked cute things, haha!

Are there any other stores that are doing specials for Japan? If so, please let me know!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I’m Loving Wednesday
1. Real Housewives of Orange County is back! 

OC is by far my favorite Real Housewives. Although, I did love Beverly Hills. I still can't get into Miami. OC was the first season I started watching, and I haven't missed a show since. I can't wait for all the drama this season!!

2. The book I am currently reading: 
I'm only 3 chapters in and I already loveeeee it! I can't wait to finish the book so I can start Something Blue next!!! AND see the movie when it comes out in May. Love any movie Kate Hudson is in!!
 3. Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and I celebrated by enjoying some Orange Leaf for dessert :) 

Ben and I shared... Actually, I'm pretty sure I had 3/4.. But it was amazing!!

4. It's already WEDNESDAY! So close to the end of the week. And next week is only a 2-day school work for me! Counting down the days until Spring Break. (Plans for SB are still up in the air though....)
5. That I'm off to Pure Barre tonight! I've been trying to go once a week, and I'm loving that I'm starting to see more definition in my arms :)

What are you loving today?! Link up with Jamie and share!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Monday!!

This weekend flew by!! It was a pretty low key weekend that was filled with lots of errands, lounging, and catching up on DVR due to some rainy weather. If only there was ONE more day added to the weekend....

Even though the weather in Lexington was rainy and cold most of the weekend, I still made it out to do some shopping!

Saturday morning I went out to Keeneland for their spring sale. I went there knowing it was going to be picked over because I was several days late, but I'm still happy with the things I was able to find!

Vineyard Vines Bangles. They were 75% off and I couldn't just buy one, so I bought the pink and brown to wear together!!

I've always wanted a Keeneland hat, but I didn't think I was going to be able to find one at the sale. This was the ONLY Keeneland hat I saw on the table, so I scooped it up fast!!

For being a several days late I was pretty pleased with what I found. Next year, I need to try and go on the first day it's open and hit up all of the goodies :)

After Keeneland, I went over to Peppermint Palm to find some Lilly things. Of course they are completely picked over in my sizes. But, I've decided I will be purchasing this dress:

I am thinking either Easter or for Keeneland if it's still cool out...

On Sunday, I went to Ulta to FINALLY purchase the Its a 10 leave-in spray.

It's AH-MAZING! My hair dresser uses it and I loved how smooth it made my hair feel, but it's always like that when you leave the salon! I always use Moroccan Oil before I blow my hair dry, and love it. But seriously, if you don't use Its a 10, you need to go out to Ulta and buy some!!

Do you use any hair products out there that are must buys?! Please tell, I love trying new products!!


Friday, March 4, 2011



WOO-WOO. I love Fridays. I feel like it's easier to wake up for work in the morning knowing you only have to get through one more work day, instead of reach for the snooze button. 
To finish of Read Across America week, we had an all school assembly. I love seeing all the kiddies get on stage and perform. Our class performed to "Rap A Tap Tap." 
(via google images)

In the afternoon, I went over to Tracy's class. I love her class because she has all the babies (Kindergarten-1st grade)!!
A busy schedule at school made for a QUICK Friday, which is just what I needed after this longggg week.

I came home and took this little guy on a long walk. It was 65 degrees outside, and I'm loving that he is starting to enjoy longer walks now :)

I am a to-do list maker. I love making lists and being able to cross things out when you are finished! Do you all like to make To Do lists as much as I do?! This weekend has lots of little things on the To Do list. I am glad we don't have anything major to do though. 

Tomorrow morning, we are waking up and heading straight to Hot Yoga. I'm ashamed that I had a month unlimied pass and I've only used it twice.... I have to admit, I think I like Pure Barre much better. I love feeling like I got a good workout in when I leave the class. 

Tomorrow night, I am going out to dinner to celebrate a good friends 24th birthday. And we happen to be going to one of my favorite restaurants in Lexington!!! 
(via google images)

I am hoping we will be getting one of the GIANT chocolate chip cookie sundaes. Mmmmm

I bought my friend this cute girly wine glass. I love it!

While shopping for her gift at Peggy's, I of course found some things for myself. I can never walk out of their store and not buy something. They always get new things in and I can't resist!

Lilly FINALLY came out with an iPhone 4 case!

I usually stay true to my Tervis Tumblers and use them everyday, whether it be at school drinking water, or in the car running errands. I love the "no sweat" and double insulated cup that keeps your drinks cold or hot.  But as soon I saw this Oggi tumbler and the fact I could get it personalized and decorated, I couldn't say no!

I used to yesterday at school, and I still had ice in it from lunchtime by the time I got home!! 

I'm off to go babysit for the night. Hoping the parents don't stay out too late. I've been up since 5:45am!
Can't wait to relax and enjoy the weekend. Hope everyone has a great weekend, as well :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lilly Giveaway!!

How cute is this?!

Miss Southern Prep is hosting a giveaway for it here!!!

Go check out LillyPadsstore to see other cute little things she makes! It's really cute stuff, and if I don't win the giveaway, I think I'm going to have to place an order for the mousepad. I NEED IT! 

So go check out Miss Southern Prep's and enter the giveaway! You should follow her blog, if you don't already. It's super cute, and we both share a love for goldendoodles :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbit, Rabbit!!

Does anyone else say this on the first of each month?! I have done this since elementary school and still find myself doing!! I'll take any luck I can get after the day I had yesterday....

Luckily, today went MUCH smoother. Work wasn't bad, the Internet wasn't working but I didn't even let it bother me. I get email on my phone so if it was something urgent I could at least read emails!!

After school I took Perry to the park to meet up with Tracy and her lab, Kaylee.

Perry and Kaylee are so stinkin cute when they play together!

I hope they continue to enjoy playing so it can become a weekly thing and we can wear these puppies out!!

After the park, Perry and I went to Bluegrass Barkery ! I loved it there. I had no idea they sold a lot more than just specialty treats and dog food. Hopefully Perry likes his treats so we can go back for more!

It's so funny how many people come up and ask me about him. Whether he's a labradoodle or goldendoodle (hes a standard goldendoodle for those asking!) I have always loved goldendoodles, but it's neat to see that so many people share the same love for them!! He really has been a GREAT puppy. Very easy to train, pretty calm for a puppy, loves his crate, loves to be held (literally like a baby!) and has already learned sit and stay.

I love him sooo much even if he chewed on my computer charger!! (pretty sure that was bens fault for not realizing what was happening right next to him!) if any of you are looking for a new dog, definitely look at goldendoodles! If you need a breeder recommendation in Kentucky let me know!

In honor of UK basketball, today is "Jorts Day" in honor of senior Josh Harrellson. Love his nickname! Ha. Hope we can pull a W out over Vandy tonight. I will be flipping between the game and Parenthood for the next hour!

Here's to hoping March will be a great month. I'm hoping the weather today is a good indicator of how the rest of the month will be like! I can only hope....

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