Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Monday!!

This weekend flew by!! It was a pretty low key weekend that was filled with lots of errands, lounging, and catching up on DVR due to some rainy weather. If only there was ONE more day added to the weekend....

Even though the weather in Lexington was rainy and cold most of the weekend, I still made it out to do some shopping!

Saturday morning I went out to Keeneland for their spring sale. I went there knowing it was going to be picked over because I was several days late, but I'm still happy with the things I was able to find!

Vineyard Vines Bangles. They were 75% off and I couldn't just buy one, so I bought the pink and brown to wear together!!

I've always wanted a Keeneland hat, but I didn't think I was going to be able to find one at the sale. This was the ONLY Keeneland hat I saw on the table, so I scooped it up fast!!

For being a several days late I was pretty pleased with what I found. Next year, I need to try and go on the first day it's open and hit up all of the goodies :)

After Keeneland, I went over to Peppermint Palm to find some Lilly things. Of course they are completely picked over in my sizes. But, I've decided I will be purchasing this dress:

I am thinking either Easter or for Keeneland if it's still cool out...

On Sunday, I went to Ulta to FINALLY purchase the Its a 10 leave-in spray.

It's AH-MAZING! My hair dresser uses it and I loved how smooth it made my hair feel, but it's always like that when you leave the salon! I always use Moroccan Oil before I blow my hair dry, and love it. But seriously, if you don't use Its a 10, you need to go out to Ulta and buy some!!

Do you use any hair products out there that are must buys?! Please tell, I love trying new products!!



  1. I love those bangles you got!!! and I love how my hair feels when I leave the salon too! I might have to try that It's a ten!

  2. I keep meaning to get Moroccan Oil! I always forget, I will have to get Its a 10 now too!