Friday, March 4, 2011



WOO-WOO. I love Fridays. I feel like it's easier to wake up for work in the morning knowing you only have to get through one more work day, instead of reach for the snooze button. 
To finish of Read Across America week, we had an all school assembly. I love seeing all the kiddies get on stage and perform. Our class performed to "Rap A Tap Tap." 
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In the afternoon, I went over to Tracy's class. I love her class because she has all the babies (Kindergarten-1st grade)!!
A busy schedule at school made for a QUICK Friday, which is just what I needed after this longggg week.

I came home and took this little guy on a long walk. It was 65 degrees outside, and I'm loving that he is starting to enjoy longer walks now :)

I am a to-do list maker. I love making lists and being able to cross things out when you are finished! Do you all like to make To Do lists as much as I do?! This weekend has lots of little things on the To Do list. I am glad we don't have anything major to do though. 

Tomorrow morning, we are waking up and heading straight to Hot Yoga. I'm ashamed that I had a month unlimied pass and I've only used it twice.... I have to admit, I think I like Pure Barre much better. I love feeling like I got a good workout in when I leave the class. 

Tomorrow night, I am going out to dinner to celebrate a good friends 24th birthday. And we happen to be going to one of my favorite restaurants in Lexington!!! 
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I am hoping we will be getting one of the GIANT chocolate chip cookie sundaes. Mmmmm

I bought my friend this cute girly wine glass. I love it!

While shopping for her gift at Peggy's, I of course found some things for myself. I can never walk out of their store and not buy something. They always get new things in and I can't resist!

Lilly FINALLY came out with an iPhone 4 case!

I usually stay true to my Tervis Tumblers and use them everyday, whether it be at school drinking water, or in the car running errands. I love the "no sweat" and double insulated cup that keeps your drinks cold or hot.  But as soon I saw this Oggi tumbler and the fact I could get it personalized and decorated, I couldn't say no!

I used to yesterday at school, and I still had ice in it from lunchtime by the time I got home!! 

I'm off to go babysit for the night. Hoping the parents don't stay out too late. I've been up since 5:45am!
Can't wait to relax and enjoy the weekend. Hope everyone has a great weekend, as well :)

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