Monday, March 3, 2014

Another snow day means I can finally update you!

Today marks snow day #17 in my county… 

Yes, you read that right, 17 SNOW DAYS! This winter has been crazy. 

You would think with all these snow days, I would have been able to blog more. But these snow days have been a blessing! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I had surgery on my knee back in January. 

After Christmas, Ben and I flew to Colorado to spend the week in Breckenridge with his family. We had a GREAT trip the first 3 days! 

The resort was beautiful! And the restaurants we went to were  great!

On our 3rd day there, we were on our of our first runs of the morning when Ben's mom got hit by a snowboarder who didn't see her. She landed on her right shoulder. Ben's dad waited for ski patrol with her and we went on down the mountain. A few phone calls later, we found out her shoulder popped out of socket. She left the hospital in a sling and was told not to move it. 

So we went on with our day, a few runs down the mountain, some delicious lunch, and back on the mountain to finish the day. We were on one of our last runs of the day (of course), not to mention almost at the bottom of the mountain.

(a pic of at the top of the mountain, right before my accident) 

I was minding my own and just making my way down the mountain when I hear this little kid screaming behind me and all of a sudden flew right in front of me, just barely missing me. I turned to my right to miss running over the little kid, and when I did, I hit the back of his mom's skis and flew in the air. 

The next thing I know, my head is down the mountain and my skis were tangled in front of me and I couldn't move my darn legs. I was more in shock than anything and just wanted someone to come get my ski's off! Ben's sister came to my rescue and got my ski's off. I still couldn't move my left leg. I tried to sit up and couldn't really do that, so I laid back down and waited for ski patrol. The accident itself didn't really hurt, but I think that was from my adrenaline pumping. (It was nothing like Nerlens Noel's accident here

Ski patrol came and put my in the little sled to ski down the mountain. After a quick examination at the triage at the bottom of the mountain, they insisted I head over to the ER. Poor Ben had to ski over to the ER and meet me there. After a quick x-ray, they confirmed no broken bones! But after 3 examinations by two doctors and the PT, they confirmed they couldn't find my ACL. I would have to wait until I was back in Lexington to schedule an MRI to find out for sure. (But the MRI on January 3 confirmed their findings).

A few hours later, I left in a full leg brace and some crutches. Crutching around a city you aren't familiar with to find your hotel's shuttle was anything but amusing at this point. 

The rest of the trip wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either!! We went down to the gym to work on our PT exercises each morning, visited the spa, did a little shopping and celebrated my birthday! 

Despite my accident, it was a fun trip!! 

I had surgery on January 17th to reconstruct my ACL and have been recovering since then.

My leg was soooo swollen. I couldn't even lift it myself. I think my leg was numb for 4 days after my surgery from the nerve block. Thankfully, my mom was here to help out! Perry enjoyed having a friend to hang out with while I slept!

The day of my surgery and the whole week after, we had snow days! I ended up only using 5 sick days for my surgery, and that was because I took an extra week off school. I still haven't worked a full week because we've had a snow day or day off every week! 

PT has been going well, and I am finally able to walk around without my huge brace!! I am 6 weeks out from surgery and my doctor said I can start to do more activities with lots of modifications, such as barre workouts!! I can't wait to start going to class again. I am hoping to go later in the week when all this snow and ice melts! I go back to the doctor in April and should be cleared to start jogging.  At that point, I will be 12 weeks post surgery. 

It's been a slow process and has been hard for me to takes things slow, but I am so blessed everything has been going ok and I am recovering well in the eyes of my doctor and PT! I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers you all sent over IG! 

Hope everyone is staying warm out there! Hopefully, I will be back to update the bloggy again this week :) 


  1. Well I'll be! Logged onto Bloglovin and there's a post from Emily! ;)
    I'm glad your knee is doing so much better AND glad for you that you haven't had to use too much sick time! That certainly helps you out for later down the road. Poor Perr-bear is not going to know what to think when you start going back to work everyday. He is going to miss his momma! Excited to see you back at the barre soon!

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