Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home for the Weekend

So i finally made it home to my dad's house for Christmas and my birthday celebration.... Only 3 weeks late, ha! It's so hard finding time to go back to Columbus during the Holidays, and my work schedule and Ben's traveling schedule. But I'm so thankful we were able to make it there safely with all of the snow everywhere!

I had to take the last part of my Praxis test Saturday morning at 7:30am. Not how I was wanting to spend my Saturday morning writing 5 essays in only an hour! Ugh. Luckily I stopped by Starbucks for a latte before :)
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And I had my favorite pens to use!
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Then we headed to Columbus. And had a quick stop at the outlets for some good deals at Brooks Brothers and J. Crew. I love outlets because they always have an extra % off sale items. And J. Crew lets you use your college id for 15% off as well! I loaded up on some cardigans and tees, my favorite everyday items!

Finally made it to my sister's house to get ready for dinner. We went here for dinner: 
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dinner: We had a longgggg wait for a table of 10 so I let my cute little niece play with my phone and make me pictures.
I think she's in love with iPhones now!!
At dinner: 

And after dinner, we went to Columbus's best ice cream shoppe... JENI's!
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And i ordered my favorite, SALT CARAMEL! Mmmmm
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On Sunday we went to my dad's to open gifts and have birthday cake. It was quite the celebration weekend!
  I have had a Graeter's ice cream cake for every birthday I can remember!!! Soo good, and I ALWAYS have Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cake :)

Favorite gift from my sister: 
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And after spending so much time with my sister's Golden Doodle, Karma
 I WANT MY OWN!!!! So I have been researching, and fell in love with this cute little guy. 
 And this chocolate labradoodle Ahhhh look at that face.
I NEED ONE NOW!! I just need to convince Ben so that the little pup can stay at his apartment since I can't have dogs in my apt building :(

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