Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snowed In

Lexington has been getting hit with snow storms every single week! First, we had snow days in December before winter break, which was crazy enough. Then snow that ALMOST canceled my trip to Charleston. Then more snow in January.... Which has resulted in 10 snow days for my school so far. I have to admit, I LOVE waking up to the text at 5:30 am saying school has been canceled and I can go back to sleep. BUT I get sooo bored during the day. There's only so much you can do at home before you just have to leave and get out of the house. And the problem is, we will have multiple snow days at a time, it's never just ONE snow day.

One day I babysit for this little cutie and his brother and sister :)
We played lots of games, including the new xbox 360 Kinect. LOVE! Need this game asap 

And then we had another snow day.... So I did loads and loads of laundry.
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And cleaned... 
(image via google images)

And spent the morning watching my favorite morning show...
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(image via google images)

And even hit the gym TWICE IN A ROW before noon. That's an accomplishment in itself! 

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And then decided it was time to get out of the house. I went to Target and let me just say how much I LOVE the new Super Save section in the back. 
(image via google images)

So many great deals! Found lots of workout clothes for less than $10!!

And then it was off to dinner at my favorite restaurant which my boyfriend, Ben and I frequent at least 3x a month!
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LEX 18 is saying there's another storm heading for the bluegrass this week... I'm wondering how many days we will go to school this week. MAYBE we will make it all 5!!!

Have a good week!!

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