Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Job

Happy, Happy New Year!!! 

So with the new year came a new job for me. I finally have a BIG GIRL job!! I was so excited to start working on Monday, I couldn't even sleep Sunday night! 6 am came VERY early Monday morning, but it wasn't as hard to wake up as I thought... I hadn't woken up to an alarm clock in 3 weeks because of my extended winter break! I must admit, it's nice to be back on a routine though. 

I am so happy with my school and class. It's one of the newer schools in the district and all the teachers and staff are very nice and great to work with. I think I am going to be happy here. The only question is how the numbers work out for the 2011-2012 school year, which could move me or other special ed teachers to different schools.

So as a part of my New Years Resolution, I have decided to stay organized throughout the ENTIRE year. I am always really good about staying organized with my planner and to-do lists during school, but when it comes to the weekend and summer, I am so bad about remembering to look at my planner or make To Do lists. One little present that will help me stay on track is my myagenda planner! I LOVE it!!! I was scared it wouldn't have enough room to write in each day, but it is perfect!!!
 Love, love my initials in the corner!!

I love color coordinating my appointments! blue was school, yellow peronsal appts and purple for babysitting.

Also with this resolution comes exercising, or as I'm trying to call it, maintaining a "healthy lifestyle" by eating healthy, working out, doing my physical therapy exercises for my back, drinking water throughout the day and getting enough sleep. I think this will be a good resolution because it's something I can work on everyday! 
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Also, I am hoping to do either a hot yoga class or pure barre class once a week. I LOVE pure barre! I did my first class in late November and have only had a chance to go back twice since then. So I'm hoping I can make it more now that I have a set schedule and can reserve my spot ahead of time. Pure barre is a GREAT new workout that is popping up everywher. My hometown, Columbus, Ohio just opened one! Go to Pure Barre to learn more about this new workout class, it's amazing and you will definitely feel the burn each class!

(via purebarre.com)

Here's to 2011 and living a healthy lifestyle for the entire year!!!

AND surviving my first year as a college grad with my first full time job! I'm already anticipating my first snow day :)

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