Friday, January 20, 2012


How is it already the 3rd week in January?!!! It's flying by!! I've been crazy busy with work, babysitting, training for this 1/2 marathon and a new craze..... BarreAmped Bootcamp! I heard about this bootcamp through Jill and after doing some research it was a great deal. Seven weeks unlimited for $100! If I go 3-4 times a week that makes it about $5 a class. Totally do able!!! I loveeeeeeee pure barre classes but they are so dang expensive for this girl, I had to take action on the BarreAmped deal!

The class is different than Pure Bare classes. It could just be the bootcamp part that makes it different, but i love how PB works different sections at a time and then moves on to another section. BA bootcamp does one movement after another a d throws in a TON of pushups and mountain climbers. Those things are brutal!!! And I def miss the awesome music they play at PB. But I'm just hoping I see a change at the end of the seven weeks!!! Have you all tried a BarreAmped or other barre class? Which ones your favorite?!!

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  1. haha, so are you saying you like PB better? I think the bootcamp portion is what makes it so different. Regular BA classes are probably more like PB (but obv. I don't know). Like you I'm hoping to see a change at the end of the seven weeks. I'm thinking we will! :)