Monday, March 5, 2012

The Aftermath

The good news is we survived the tornadoes that came through Kentucky on Friday. 

The bad news is some counties in Kentucky were hit really hard. 

My heart aches for the people in West Liberty. They got hit with two tornadoes in three days. On Wednesday an EF-2 hit West Liberty, and just two days later, an EF-3 hit on Friday night. 

You couldn't pay me to be out in my car shooting a video of this tornado. 

In fact, this is a picture I took of our porch when the storm was still miles away from us. 

After I took this picture, Ben, Perry and I took cover in our closet until it was clear to come out.

This picture was around 7:30pm, a few hours after the storm. 

Thank the lord for smartphones! I was following @Kentuckyweather Chris Bailey and LEX18 on facebook, and we had the tv turned WAY up so we could hear what Bill Meck was saying. 

I'm not going to lie, after seeing the clouds, and seeing the meterologists panic, I was a little nervous!

I am so glad we were all at home and safe. Ben was supposed to drive to Indiana for work around 5pm. Luckily, he was allowed to go home mid-afternoon and made it home before the storm hit. He left for Indiana later Friday night. I am so so glad he was able to come home. 

If you want more information on how to help those in need, here is some information from the local news.

After the shock of the tornadoes, we wake up to 4+ inches of snow on the ground Monday morning. I couldn't believe it. our first "real" snow of the season, just 3 days after some of the worst tornadoes Kentucky has seen in years.

I must admit, I didn't mind the snow day and being able to lounge around all morning!!!

I took Perry out to play and he enjoyed every minute of playing in the snow. Love his heart.

Poor thing went to the groomer last week. I was so worried he was going to freeze out there, but he was loving it!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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