Saturday, August 25, 2012


Yes, I realize I have been MIA since my last post on July 16!!!

We've been busy moving...

Going out of town....

Hanging out with this little guy... 

 Enjoying the last few weeks of summer break....

and finally starting back at school. 

As much as I LOVE summer break, it has been nice being back at school and having a set routine for the week. 

The beginning of the school year has been great. I'm lucky enough to keep majority of my students each year. So far, it has been a good year!

I decided to go ahead and start my Masters this fall. So far, so good. Monday was my first class. All of my classes are online, which is AMAZING! 

I just set up my desk at home and login to class. Perry was confused when he heard the professor talking, but he eventually figured out it was from the computer, ha!

After a long week which school, starting grad school and babysitting... I'm ready for date night with Ben and the weekend! I have NOTHING planned for this weekend and I couldn't be happier :) We were supposed to head to the lake, but Ben had to work some today and tomorrow, so we just thought it would be best to stay here. 

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

I promise I will get back to a better blogging schedule :)

Happy weekend!! 

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  1. It's about time I see a post from you, girl! :) I'm just kidding, I know you've been busy with school starting back up! I finished my masters online too and it was nice...not having to always be someplace at a certain time. It just takes a lot of discipline. You can do it!!!!