Monday, May 20, 2013

Kentucky Oaks

So I may be a few weeks late, but here is my recap from the Kentucky Oaks!

Ben and I went to the Oaks with his family. For those who don't know, the Oaks is the fillies race the day before the Derby at Churchill Downs.  

We had amazing weather! We got there early enough to see everything before it got crowded. Luckily, we had seats inside the Derby Museum, which made it much easier to eat, get drinks and bet without having to fight a crowd!!!

Our seats outside were great too!

My drink of choice was the Lilly. So delicious!!!

And Ben's was the Mint Julep

We had a great time! I can't wait to go back next year. 


  1. Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous!! And those seats look amazing. I love Oaks!

  2. I love your dress of course, and Ben's TIE! I like Ben with his facial hair - looks good! :)

  3. That looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to go to Churchill Downs on Derby weekend!