Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Break!

We finally have 2 days off for a much needed Fall Break!

I have been busy laying in bed and hanging out with Mr. Perry

Yep, blue bow in Perry's hair :) It just looks to cute haha

Watching the Today Show and catching up on DVR and watching the Kardashian wedding with Perry always by my side!
Today, I am planning on having a complete LAZY day and getting some things done around the house.

We finally got outside for a walk after the downfall. Perry LOVES all the sticks on the ground!

Tomorrow, I may venture out and run some errands and do some shopping!! 

Maybe even take the pup to the park if it's nice outside!

I'm off to watch part 2 of the wedding... It's quite ridiculous so far.


  1. Perry is so freaking adorable! I am jealous of your fall break. We don't have one. :(

  2. How cute is Perry in the bow! The KK wedding was ridiculous. I wasn't overly impressed though!

  3. Don't think I didn't roll into work this morning, loving the lack of school traffic :) Glad you got the day off! Days like today make me regret not being a teacher (but only for a minute!!)