Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Late link up, but oh well.....

It's ok....

-that I woke up early to go to BarreAmped class this morning and I was the only one who showed up. So they moved me to the 5:25 class.....

-that I stayed in my workout clothes all day, and still didn't make it to class tonight. Whoops!!!!

-that I am so excited to move in two weeks!! I already packed up the office. Next up, guest bedroom!

-that I have been to the new Trader Joes 4 TIMES in the past week. More on that tomorrow.

-that I am slightly obsessed with the Tone It Up Gluten Free Nutrition Plan. I purchased it last Saturday and I literally read through all 130+ pages daily. Best. Investment. Ever!!

-that I have mixed feelings about there only being 3 full weeks of summer vacation left

-that Ben and I had a chill 4th of July. It was seriously too hot to do a lot outside!!

How was your 4th of July?

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  1. Anxious to read your thoughts about Trader Joe's! I've been wanting to stop but just haven't tell me all the good things you've bought! Sorry I bailed on you for class yesterday...I even went home from work early. I still feel like there is a tiny sinus monster behind my eyeballs trying to escape, ha.