Friday, July 6, 2012

Trader Joe Finds

I'm sure you have noticed I am beyond excited about the new Trader Joes in town!!!

Going 4 times in the span of one week is a little ridiculous. And I will admit that, ha!!

Here are some of my Trader Joe favs!!!

Fresh produce

LOVE buying pre-sliced fruit. This weeks fav, MANGO!

Fresh veggies

We bought Brussels sprouts for dinner on Sunday. They were delicious!! And the asparagus, bell peppers, etc are delic! And always fresh.

This was my all time fav.... A pre packaged guacamole kit!!! For $3.99! Way cheaper than buying all of the ingredients individually. It had avocados, tomatoes, onion, jalapeño, garlic, and a lime. We made this last Friday. It only lasted a day and a half.... (although I do have to say its only 2 avocados!).

I also love the Trader Joes brand of Greek yogurt! Ben and I have been having yogurt and fresh fruit as a snack this week... Healthy and yummy!

One of my fav little desserts to snack on.....

I love banana anything. Throw some chocolate on it and freeze it?? Amazing.

Also, check out this website for some favorites from Trader Joes!!

What do you love from Trader Joes?!

**all images from google images**

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  1. I'm so glad you got a Trader Joe's!! I love that store. My faves are the frozen gyozas, chicken & cilantro wontons, frozen indian food, frozen berries, roasted red pepper soup and lots of other stuff! Thanks for sharing that website, they had lots of great reviews!

  2. Dang I meant to ask you about this today, so I'm glad you posted all this! I hope to stop by Trader Joe's soon :) Although...I tried greek yogurt for the first time today. I want to like it but it's so thick! I have another brand to try too so maybe it will be better?? (fingers crossed)