Sunday, December 2, 2012

Time to Make a Planner Decision....

I am so indecisive. 

I STILL cannot decide what planner to get for next year. 

With only 29 days left in the year, I should probably figure this out asap, huh?! 

Back in July, I was debating between the EC Life Planner and my beloved Mom Agenda myAgenda. And what do you know... I STILL haven't made up my mind! 

I LOVE my current planner - myAgenda. I've had a myAgenda for 2 1/2 years now. 

But I REALLY want to get the Erin Condren Life Planner. It's so darn cute and practical. I love how you can personalize it, I love that it comes with stickers, I love that there's a pocket for all of your junk (which is a big plus for me because I ALWAYS through papers/envelopes/receipts/etc. into my planner)!! The only downfall... spending so much money on a planner. AND during the Christmas season, ahhhh. Anyone have an Erin Condren code out there they want to share? It should would help ease the pain of spending so much on a darn planner!

And how cute is their video?!

But I have a system with myAgenda now. I love that you have the day to write things like appointments, and then 4 slots underneath. 

And then i've been throwing around the idea of cheap and convenient and running to a local store to pick up the Lilly Pulitzer Planner. I had this planner three years ago when I was still in college and loved it. 

Why is this such a hard decision?!!? I struggle with this decision every time my current planner comes to an end. I've always had such a hard time choosing a planner. I was the same way in high school, haha! 

Help me decide!

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