Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and Happy Holiday! 

We traveled the whole state of Kentucky and Ohio, and even through in a visit to Nashville all within 5 days. Busy busy holiday for us! Now it's time to relax and hang out at home for a few days!

On Saturday, we went down to Glasgow to see Ben's family. Ben had just got back from traveling for work LATE Friday night. Poor thing wasn't even home 12 hours before we got on the road Saturday morning. 

Ben's family went to the Western Kentucky - Louisville basketball game in Nashville, so we decided to go and spend the day in Nashville as well. We went to the hospital to visit Ben's family friend who had a bad accident in early December. Luckily, he is doing much better and gets to go home Monday!!!

Sunday, we celebrated Christmas with Ben's side of the family. We went to church and then had "Christmas" lunch. 


Perry liked to help everyone open their gifts. And use the ribbons for a bow!

After opening gifts, we went to get some drinks with some friends who were also in town!

Monday morning, we got up early and came back to Lexington to unpack from Glasgow, and pack for Columbus. Quick trip home, and back in the car!

We got to my sisters in time to change and get ready for Christmas Eve dinner at my aunts house! 

My sweet little niece was the gift passer outer :) 

Quick picture with the little Elf :)

Annual Sissy antler pic 


Mom and I <3

My Uncle had 100 year old bourbon. Obviously a hit with the men in the family!

My sister framed an art piece of mine from 2nd grade! Such a cool gift! 

Family Pic!

We had a great time spending Christmas Eve at my Aunt's house!

Next, it was time for all of the Christmas day activities. 

We woke up early and went to mass. Ben survived Christmas service at the catholic church :)

 Attempted a family picture with Perry, ha!

It was a busy busy day and weekend/week, but we had lots of fun and I'm so glad we were able to spend time with both families! 

Ben drove back Christmas night because he had to work on Wednesday. My mom and I were planning on leaving WEdnesday morning to hit the outlets and Ikea in Cincinnati, and then back to Lexington. Then the snow storm that was supposed to hit changed over to an ICE storm, followed by more snow. The roads were AWFUL so we delayed our departure back to Lexington by one more day. I was perfectly okay with this because it meant I could go to my favorite restaurant, Figlio!

Early birthday drink and gluten free Chicken Diablo. I couldn't ask for a better birthday dinner 3 days early :) 

We left early Thursday morning to head back to Lexington. 

The roads were only bad in Columbus (and getting out of my sisters driveway/alley)! Then once we hit the Interstate, the roads were perfectly clear. Shew, what a trip!

We had a GREAT Christmas but I'm so glad we are back home now and can unpack and unwind :)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!


  1. So glad you all got to come spend Christmas in Columbus! Enjoy a nice relaxing birthday weekend! :)

  2. what a wonderful Christmas!! love all the pics!! xoxo

  3. I'm thinking you must be exhausted after all that travel!! It looks like you had a great Christmas though :) And I love all your fun festive pictures!