Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lululemon Fail

Any other Lululemon lovers out there?! 

I could live in their clothes. I wear them to barre class, to run, when I run errands, whenever I get home.  If only I could wear them to work.... (Although I have to a few trainings when I'm feeling extra lazy with my buddy, Tracy by my side). 

I've only been on the Lululemon train for about 2 years, but I've seen them gradually go down in terms of quality.  I read all about this on the website but had yet to experience it myself. 

Well I got a new pair of groove pants, and boy oh boy can I tell the difference!!!! And not to mention, they feel see through, especially in the behind area!!!!! I am so bummed. I wore them to Girls On The Run practice (another post for another day, but I'm loving it!!!) and the seams started to unravel. So mad!!!! 

Anyone else experiencing this?! I wonder if I should take them to the Lululemon store.... Any suggestions?! I'm not ready to give up on my beloved Lulu's, but I can't have see through pants during downward dog......

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  1. It sounds like they are a company who stands behind their product...I would definitely let them know that you are not happy with your purchase. I usually prefer to send a quick email to their corporate customer service, but you could also take them back to the store. Good luck!