Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holidays 2010

After the surprise birthday party, I came back to Lexington and did some last minute shopping for Christmas. I didn't really have a lot to do because we did most of the shopping early. I must say that it is SO much easier to finish Christmas shopping early and do all the small little gifts the week before Christmas. It made everything less stressful!

On Wednesday night we headed to my boyfriend's hometown in Southern Kentucky. It's such a small town and I LOVE it! We left Lexington around 6 and meet some friends at the new restaurant in town.....

They JUST opened an Applebees in their city and I'm pretty sure the whole town was excited! It's one of the biggest chain sit-down restaurants to come to their city since Tumbleweed. 

On Thursday we had a fondue party with family friends. Love me some chocolate fondue!
 Strawberries, Bananas, cookies, marshmallows, it was all SOOO GOOD!

The next day we celebrated Christmas with the boyfriend's side of the family. We opened gifts with his family and the favorite gift was.......
the iPad... It is SO FUN! It's just like a giant iPhone and I couldn't love it more.....

Favorite app.....
Sooooo fun, it's like a giant gameboy for big kids! And i'm pretty sure I spent hours upon hours playing this game in the past month....

Christmas Eve in Glasgow

After a wonderful Christmas eve in Kentucky, we boarded a flight to Charleston to see my mom. After TWO canceled flights and one delayed flight from Detroit, Michigan....we made it to my moms! Of course, MY BAG didn't make the flight and was left in Detroit. NOT. VERY. HAPPY! It was definitely not the best traveling experience I have had with Delta. But we made it there on Christmas day at a reasonable hour so I can't complain too much.

Loved being at my mom's for Christmas and having a wonderful Christmas dinner. My favorite Christmas gift is definitely my Clarisonic Skincare Brush. LOVE!
It really is all that it is made out to be! It makes washing your face so much easier in the morning and at night. I like the Clarisonic face wash it comes with too!

The next few days we just spent running around Charleston. King Street Shopping, dinner, seeing the grandparents and lounging around. It was a packed 3 1/2 days!

 Grandma ( and her teddy bear....), Ben, Grandpa and I

Love my Grandpa, he is so precious.

 Grandma was loving her teddy bear..... My cute little mom, Grandpa and me
Yep... we were complete tourists and took our picture in the Ben and Jerry's sign out front, ha! (Mom zoomed in too much to get the complete sign)

I'm so thankful for the wonderful family's we each have and the time we were able to spend with them. It was a great Christmas weekend and I am definitely ready for a few relaxing days before starting work in less than a week!


Hope everyone had a great Holiday and is ready to bring in the new year!

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