Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer So Far...

My first week of Summer has flown by, and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

First day of Summer (last Thursday) I went to a water park and enjoyed the lazy river all day. 

Best way to spend a day in the hot sun! I was at the water park until 6:30pm!!!

Friday, I ventured to Target. Of course, the only thing I went there to buy were some Storage Bins... 

and ended up spending almost $100 on who knows what. You cannot walk out of that store with the only thing you went there to buy! That's the beauty of Tar-jay though :)

Monday, I spent the whole day searching for this fabric:
Apparently, every store is sold out of this fabric. Not Happy. I am trying to get things made for my new bedroom based on this bedding from Pottery Barn (who is also completely sold out of this bedding!)


On Tuesday, I had to wake up early and head to a Professional Development on Technology. It was probably the most interactive PD I have been to and I loved it! At the end, you had a chance to win an iPad 2, SmartBoard for your classroom, Document Cameras, etc. Of course, I didn't win anything :( But it was still a great PD day!

Today, I was hoping to hit up the pool and lazy river again after a meeting this morning. But unfortunately, it was dark and rainy all day. UGH! I guess it's a good break from all the heat we have had lately though...

I am loving all the down time I have with Summer Break. I love being able to get out of bed whenever I want and spend the morning watching the Today Show. I don't mind having commitments a few days of the week because it keeps me on a routine, and I'm all about routine and schedules!

And since I don't have to be in bed by a certain time, I'm off to go watch RHONJ on DVR. Did you all see the OC reunion?


Whoa, craziness. I could barely even following along with everything because of all the screaming going on, shew.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


  1. Thanks for the follow! Love the pictures of you and the puppy on the side of your layout. Very cute.


  2. The water park looks fun! I'm glad you are enjoying your summer and Perry should come visit us in Cbus! :)

  3. I can spend way too much time and money at Target, too! I love that bedding. Hopefully you find it (or something similiar) soon!

  4. Looks like you've been having fun! :)I completely know what you mean about Target.. I'll go in for one thing and end up with 347834 things I don't need!

  5. Glad I'm not the only one who can't make it out of Target without at least 10 other misc items. :)