Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st

November 1st means lots of things!!!


#1 reason: 1st day you can listen to Christmas music!!! You better believe I listened to some on the way to work this morning!

2. The holiday season is right around the corner... It's never too early to start decorating with Christmas stuff!!

Oh, if I only had a front yard and house to decorate like this!!

3. RED CUPS at Starbucks :) LOVE LOVE LOVE red cups at Starbucks! Something about them just makes the coffee that much better. 

I may have to stop for a salted carmel latte with an extra shot of espresso in a red cup on the way to work tomorrow. Mmmm

#4 And finally, my puppy becomes a big boy in November! Perry's birthday is November 25, the day after Thanksgiving. I can't wait celebrate the baby's big birthday! Haha, yes I'm a crazy dog mommy :)

First week we had Per-Per

Perry today

What do you love about November?

1 comment:

  1. Perry is adorable!
    I'm so excited for November! I love getting closer to the holiday season!