Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back to Running....

It's official....

Ben and I signed up for the Run the Bluegrass Lexington Half Marathon in March.

It was our first half marathon last year and it was a VERY hilly course!!!! Since then, we've both slacked on running consistently. I'll run a few times a month but nothing serious.

(picture from a training run last year from this post) 

My 10- week training program starts next week, so I'm trying to just get back into the routine of running. I'm going to up my weekly runs to 4-5x/ week instead of 3x like last year.

I'm following the Marathon Rookie training plan this year. I'm hoping to do more long runs on the actual course so I can get used to the hills.

I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to start running again. I love running and doing pure barre/barreamped workouts as much as my schedule allows each week. I just feel like I get such a good workout from both of them and I'm in a better mood the rest of the day.

I LOVE working out in the morning, it's just so hard to get out of bed and my feet on the ground! I always lay my clothes out the night before, so I literally just have to get out of bed, brush my teeth and change. I'm hoping I will be able to do more runs in the morning this time!!

Anyone else training for a half marathon? All you Lexingtonians, I highly recommend Run the Bluegrass!!! The RtB race is a great one! So organized and a gorgeous course!!!!!

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  1. I knew you'd sign up for this! argh! haha
    I need to run a little (but not a lot) so call me on your short run days ;)
    As long as you're not going for speed I can probably hang in there!