Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend Recap

I've pretty much been MIA from the internet world for the past 4 days because of this....

(via google images)

I woke up Saturday morning with a terrible sore throat. I thought maybe I just slept wrong and my throat hurt from having the fan on. Didn't think too much of it. So I went to Hot Yoga early in the morning and survived! We had panera for lunch, and a soup and salad sounded perfect. I should have realized I didn't feel well when I didn't even eat my food. Just had 1/2 of my salad. But, I didn't even notice my throat was hurting anymore. I layed down and took a nap around 12:30, thinking I was just tired from Hot Yoga.

Well I woke up almost 4 hours later with a fever and sore throat again. I HATE being sick. I had plans Saturday with friends who were in town and really didn't want to miss going out. I was so mad when I had to accept the fact that I needed to take medicine and lay low for the night. Ugh!

I've been out of commission and laying in bed for what seems like an eternity now. No going out Saturday. No Super Bowl parties on Sunday. NOTHING. I hate being cooped up in bed all day. Drives me nuts!

Thankfully, I made it to work yesterday because we had several meetings that I didn't want to miss. The day flew by and I didn't even have to time to think about my throat bothering me. Thankfully, I have been on antibiotics since Sunday morning. 

I was so thankful when I got the text this morning saying we had a snow day! I just needed one more day of nothing but being lazy to kick out this strep throat! I swear I haven't had strep since I was in Kindergarten, right before I had my tonsils taken out. I never remember strep throat hurting this badly. IT SUCKS!!!!

So I've been loading up on lots of this:
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and taking my antibiotics around the clock! I'm ready to be over this!!!!

Now I'm off to a lunch date with Miss Tracy to celebrate our snow day.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday and stays healthy! There's lots of things going around right now--flu, colds, strep--so stay load up on airborne or Emergen-C!!!

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  1. oh no! what a bummer. but thank goodness for a snow day. i hope ben is taking good care of you!