Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear 16 Year Old Me...

I saw this video floating around Facebook a few months ago. 

Then I saw it on Chelsea's blog on Monday..... which happened to be the day I had my 2nd Dermatology appointment of the year. And had 5 moles removed. After having 3 removed last spring. 

(Ok, so I scheduled the appointment before end of the year so I wouldn't have to meet my deductible again for the lab, ha! Just another part of being a big girl in the real world, right?!!)

Luckily for me, my dermatologist is a lady I babysit for, and she will remove ANY mole that is even the slightest suspicious looking. It actually makes me feel better knowing she's taking more than a usual patient, much rather be safe than sorry!!!!

I've always used 30+ SPF sunscreen, but I used to frequent the tanning bed in high school and college. Which scares me to think about all the damage I have done to my skin, ugh!

I encourage everyone to watch this video. And make your yearly dermatologist appointment to have your skin checked out!!!


  1. This video gave me goosebumps!! I'm proud of you for being proactive about your health. :)

  2. This video scares me so much. I used to go tanning a lot too but not anymore. I'd love to have your derm's name! I need to go see one!!!!