Monday, December 12, 2011

My Favorite Time of the Year!

I just realized it's already December 12th, and I have yet to post in December.... MY FAVORITE MONTH!

I LOVE Christmas this time of the year!!! It couldn't be because we get two weeks off school, Christmas with the family, then my birthday, then New Years Eve....  could it?! 

I have been busy with work, holiday parties, getting Christmas decorations up, and shopping for gifts!!

I have to say, with the exception of the Holly Day Market, I have done majority of my shopping online. 

Thanks to these websites and their coupons and free shipping deals:

Amazon - lots and lots of gifts have been purchased here!

Sephora - Thanks to my $15 off coupon I was able to buy some gifts for family and friends.

American Girl (for my niece! I could shop for AG stuff all night, haha! I so miss being a little girl)

After reading Pinkloulou's post, I found the perfect gift for my bourbon-loving uncle! A 2-year subscription to The Bourbon Review. Much better than the bottle of bourbon I was going to pick up at Liquor Barn.

I only need to run to the mall for a FEW things. I'm proud to say I don't have much holiday shopping left. It will make next week much more relaxing. 

Have I mentioned we are counting down the days until winter break in my classroom?! I am literally counting down the minutes. I CANNOT wait for a break to catch up on things!

I'm off to Hobby Lobby. I'm determined to make a mesh wreath for Christmas using this tutorial

Finally found some Deco-Mesh at Kroger Marketplace of all places! Now I just need a foam circle and some floral pins. Wish me luck :)

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  1. you're like me! I love doing my shopping online! Love your blog!