Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY wreath

I love the Mesh Wreaths that are seen everywhere now!

After seeing so many on Pinterest, I decided I was going to attempt one for Christmas. 
Like I mentioned here, I have seen several tutorials to help you create your own mesh wreath!

After two trips to Michaels, I was unsuccessful at finding a roll of Deco Mesh. Thursday night, I stopped by Kroger Marketplace to run in for some chili fixin's and randomly saw Deco Mesh in the floral section!! I was so happy to finally find some!

So I watched the tutorials again, and decided I needed to find a foam circle and floral pins, or this wreath frame. I gave up on Michaels because they are picked over on EVERYTHING right now!

I ventured off to Hobby Lobby Monday night. I thought for sure they would have SOMETHING in stock! 

Of course, they were picked over as well. But, I did find a smaller foam circle. I think it's only 12" and the tutorial said a 14-18" frame. Oh well, I was determined to make this wreath!

They were also sold out of floral pins. wtf... So annoyed! 


I used a smaller foam circle, some sewing pins, and red ribbon to make my wreath. 

It didn't turn out GREAT. But, it doesn't look terrible. 

It really wasn't too hard making the actual wreath. But, it would be nice to have all the materials next time. Who knows, maybe for Valentine's day they will have more in stock!

I wrapped some gifts today after work and put them under the tree. 

Apparently, Perry thought they were for him decided to tear into one. 


  1. I've been wanting to make one of those wreaths! But our hobby lobby has been sold out of the mesh forever! Yours looks good! :)

  2. I haven't even looked for the supplies, but I've been wanting to make one of these too. With their popularity I kind of assumed the stuff might be hard to find! Yours looks good! None of the tutorials I've seen used a foam circle, and that actually seems more complicated. You did a good job!