Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and Happy Holiday! It was a jammed packed trip for us. I'm so glad to be at home and relaxing for a few days!

We were planning on leaving for our first 1/2 of Christmas in Columbus on Thursday after Ben got home from work. I was busy running last minute errands for Ben and my sister. I swear, that's the only bad thing about being off the week before Christmas... Everyone wants you to do their shopping, and gift wrapping and errands! HA!

So Thursdsay afternoon, I get a phone call from Ben saying he was leaving early and would be home soon so we could pack the car. I had everything out by the front door so we could just do a few trips to the car, and hit the road! As I was waiting for Ben to finally get here, I get a phone call.... "My car is acting really strange and the brake and battery light keep blinking.." I seriously didn't think anything of it and just said I'll see him in a little bit and to be careful. Well... his car basically died on the side of the road, literally 1 minute from our house, THANK GOODNESS! He called me saying he was on the side of the street and needed me to steer his car so he could push it... In the pouring rain..... I almost thought he was joking. 

Long story short, we got the car pushed into our parking lot, thanks to a passerby helping us get it over the bump when you first pull in. It was ridiculous. It was raining so hard last Thursday, Ben was still in his work clothes and dress shoes, and here we are pushing his car down the road. Yeah... not a pretty sight!

So, we decided we would wait and call a tow truck in the morning, and delay our trip to Columbus until the next day. Sadz we were missing a night out on Thursday :( but SO THANKFUL it didn't break down on us while we were on the interstate. Oh my word, that would have been awful!!!!

After dropping the car off to the garage, we packed up the car and headed north. Ben finally got a call that it was his alternator and battery. Great timing, huh?!

We actually didn't have bad traffic Friday morning, and made it to the Outlets in time to exchange a gift for Ben's dad, and hit up a few Pre-Christmas sales. And then made it to Columbus by early afternoon. 

Perry met his cousin, Lucy, which is new best friend! 

They loved each other, it was so cute!

Friday night, we celebrated the December birthdays - My dad's on December 20 and my birthday on December 29. It was so nice to see everyone! We had Tommy's Pizza, mmmm. And Graeters Ice Cream pie. I have had a Graeters Pie since I was in elementary school!!! It is a tradition to always get it on birthdays in my family. My dad called me Friday and told me they no longer carry the Grasshopper Pie (Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream). SO SAD! I have had that for my birthday for the last 16 years, at least! 

 b-day cake last year

Instead, my dad just got a vanilla and chocolate/caramel pie. Of course, it was delicious!

Saturday, we were pretty lazy. Ben wasn't feeling up to par (probably from all the bourbon and sprites he had the night before....). We went to my dads for breakfast, and then ran some errands with my sister. Then I cooked some of my favorite dishes for our X-mas Eve dinner!! Cheesy potatoes with corn flakes and a whipped fruit salad. Mmmm

Saturday night we went to my Aunt and Uncles for X-mas Eve. We had so much fun spending time with family in Columbus!

Dad and his girls. The hat from the movie Elf was making its rounds on people haha. 

My niece was the little Elf and helped pass out the gifts. Must have been an exhausting job because she was passed out in the chair an hour later :)

Sunday morning, we left earllllllly for Glasgow. It was a long 5 hours in the car, but luckily there was NO traffic at all, haha. Perry and I slept in the car :)

And got to spend Christmas day with Ben's family. 

I am so thankful we were able to spend time with both sides of the family this Christmas. I was sad I didn't get to see my mom though :( She had surgery on her ear last Wednesday and couldn't fly because of it. Hopefully I will see her in February though!! We did skype her using the iPad when we were opening gifts at my dads Saturday morning! It was better than nothing :)

I love having the week off post Christmas. I can't imagine having to work after all the festivities. I'm still trying to get the house in order and all of our gifts put away!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing week!

Ben and I are going to put the new Ice Cream Maker and Jeni's Ice Cream cook book to use tomorrow and attempt the amazing Salty Caramel. I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!!!


  1. It looks like you had a great holiday! I love your hair!

  2. Oh my gosh when I saw Graeter's, I got so excited! That is my absolute FAVORITE ice cream! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and happy early birthday!!

  3. I'm glad you ended up having a good Christmas after the ordeal getting there! I'm sorry you missed your momma though :(